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Ventilation and Cooling Upgrade Seat Set for Model 3 / Y (Cushion Integrated Solution)

Ventilation and Cooling Upgrade Seat Set for Model 3 / Y (Cushion Integrated Solution)

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🌟 Introducing Our Advanced White Interior and Ventilated Seating System! 🚗✨

🛋️ Integrated Sponge Ventilated Seats: Revel in a comfort experience like never before. Each time you sit, it's as soft as a cloud with ideal temperature regulation for any season, from scorching summers to frigid winters.

🕳️ Efficient Ventilation System: Boasting laser digital perforation for stylish appearance and improved breathability, our seats ensure efficient airflow without the need for puncturing.

🎨 Handcrafted Perfection: Every aspect is meticulously crafted, reflecting superior artisanship and dedication to quality.

🌐 Luxurious Silicon Superfiber Leather: We use exclusively sourced silicon gel leather, similar to those found in luxury yachts. - Thickness: 1.4MM, ensuring durability and comfort. - Safety First: Zero solvents, plasticizers, odors, or metals, withstanding over 220,000+ abrasion cycles. - Temperature Resilience: Endures extreme temperatures from 220°C to -40°C. - Ultimate Durability: Resistant to folding, scratching, staining, and easy to clean. - Protective Features: Waterproof, sun-proof, flame-retardant, ensuring longevity. - Baby-Safe Touch: As soft and gentle as a baby's pacifier, ensuring an environmentally friendly and supple feel with a bouncy texture.

🦵 Enhanced Leg Support: The extended leg support wrap caters to both long and short travels, minimizing fatigue.

🔒 Optimized Safety Features: Our seats come with factory-standard safety airbag guidance bags and specialized stitching, ensuring a perfect balance of safety and style for peace of mind during every drive.

👶 ISOFIX Compatibility: Additional safety for your little ones is a priority for us.

🌀 Seamless Integration: The ventilation system is flawlessly integrated with the original car design, elevating the driving experience.

💎 Damage-Free Installation: Our fans and cushions are integrated into a single unit for superior ventilation, eliminating the need for seat perforation. The installation process is non-invasive and takes only a third of the time compared to other ventilation solutions.

🔬 Rigorously Tested: We've conducted extensive testing, including safety airbag deployment tests, ventilation system noise tests, air suction effectiveness tests, and compatibility tests with the original car controls.

Contact us to elevate the elegance and comfort of your vehicle with this state-of-the-art driving experience! 🌈🛣️

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