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5.5'' Driver View Dash LCD Screen Display (Smart Instrument Cluster) for Model 3 / Y

5.5'' Driver View Dash LCD Screen Display (Smart Instrument Cluster) for Model 3 / Y

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Elevate your Tesla Model 3/Y experience with an intelligent instrument display, designed to blend seamlessly with your vehicle's sophisticated interior. This cutting-edge upgrade brings advanced functionality and customization to your dashboard, enhancing both day and night driving with its smart features.

Key Features:

  • HD Display: A 5.5-inch MIPI HD screen offers crystal-clear visuals with a resolution of 960x480, making every detail sharp and easy to read.

  • Day & Night Mode: With two modes available, switch effortlessly between day and night settings to ensure optimal visibility and comfort in all lighting conditions.

  • Multi-Function Interface: Tailored specifically for the Tesla Model 3/Y, this display provides vital information such as speed, tire pressure, and battery status at a glance.

  • Customization: Special customization options allow for a personalized dashboard that meets your specific needs and preferences.

  • OEM Support & 1:1 Mold Customization: Designed to support OEM requirements with a 1:1 mold customization for high fit and non-destructive plug-in installation.

  • Plug & Play Installation: Easy to install with a non-destructive plug-in design, ensuring a perfect fit without the need for extensive modifications.

Enhance your driving experience with this intelligent instrument display, offering both functionality and a high degree of customization. Ideal for Tesla Model 3/Y owners looking for an upgrade that combines technology with ease of use.

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