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Electric Frunk for Model 3 / Y

Electric Frunk for Model 3 / Y

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1. Titanium Gray Polished Strut

  • Construction: Features an imported spring and employs a frosted crafting technique.
  • Finish: Utilizes a four-layer painting process for a superior finish.
  • Durability: Offers enhanced corrosion and wear resistance for prolonged use.

2. Aluminum Alloy Control Box

  • Protection: Designed with anti-static and anti-jamming capabilities.
  • System: Incorporates a vehicle-grade control system for reliable performance.
  • Compatibility: Ensures safe power access without compromising the vehicle's original functions.

3. Waterproof Anti-fall Lock Motor

  • Material: Constructed with a durable nylon fiber shell and POM gear for increased longevity.
  • Waterproofing: Rated at IP68, ensuring complete waterproof protection.

This electric liftgate system opens and closes your frunk (front trunk) by simply pressing a button. It can support:

  • Open and Close the frunk using official Tesla App
  • Open and Close the frunk using the key fob (if you purchased a key fob)
  • Close the frunk with the stock emergency button
  • Open and Close the frunk with the center console touch screen
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