Why did we make this site?

The reason you are reading this probably because you are either interested in content available here and want to thank us for this initiative or you could probably be a legal representative trying to bring down this site and content which you may believe are copyrighted material. Either way we kindly ask you to hold your horses and read on.

The world is manufacturing motor vehicles in millions each year and the number keeps increasing. From 2000 to 2017, the number increased from 58 million to 73 million and it's no joke. Every government and manufacturers talk about taking directions towards renewable energy for transportation, the adoption of EVs not showing steady growth still and it has only increased from 0 to 2 million in last 17 years. Sad isn't it? We also believe so. Also we believe this is due to EV users don't know how to repair their cars, they cannot go to a local mechanic who only knows how to repair gas guzzling monsters so end up buying known devil - ICE!. So how can we stop this madness, simple - let's make EVs easy to repair, let's spread the knowledge, know how.

You must know we are not criminals to steals your content. All the content hosted here are found on the Internet or shared by the community. What we did was, create a nice place for those content to live and thrive. Here is why:

We are from other part of the world where all the rusty and unregulated emission standards thrive yet we like technology and the green initiatives. We believe same as develop countries pushing for EVs, our countries should do it. But unfortunately some of our countries don't even have agents or official branches of manufacturers like Nissan, BMW or Tesla. But we love our nature and our earth like all the humans so most of us willing to spend more than what develop countries pay to import an electric vehicle (more than 100% in taxes). -- then there's another problem of how we can repair our vehicles.

This is where fixmyev.com comes in. Our main objective increase EV adoption by making end users comfortable of using one. To do that we simply share the technical know how. We believe people will buy EVs more and more if they are comfortable of repairing one without going to manufacturer or official service agent. Gas cars don't have this inherent problem. ICE cars were around us for few decades and most people are aware of how to repair one. But EV it's very different.

If you are a legal representative, think out side the box. The EV to ICE ratio is less than 1:1000 so if you really want to make more sales, you really need to increase the awareness and make people comfortable about owning one. You cannot simply scale by having closed repair manuals and have everything repaired by yourselves. It's just plain stupidity. Based on what we hear everyday on the forums and user groups; everyone is complaining that why they have to go to the service agent for every tiny thing.

We don't charge users to read our content and we use ads to cover our server bills. In addition, if you really like this initiative, please make a donation so we can enjoy few beers while saving the environment (without smoking of course). Thank you. Fix.My.EV team.