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Electric Dazzling Auto Present Door Handles Set with LED (4 PCS) for Model 3 / Y

Electric Dazzling Auto Present Door Handles Set with LED (4 PCS) for Model 3 / Y

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Product Description:

Invest in auto-present door handles with LED lighting to elevate your Tesla's exterior aesthetics. These handles, curated for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y, meld a contemporary look with secure and efficient door access. As you approach, all four handles illuminate and rotate outward, ready for your grasp without the need for a push or pull. This effortless entry is not only a convenience but a surefire attention-grabber! Upon door operation, the LED light accentuates the action.

Our Electric Door Handle is a sophisticated, innovative enhancement for your Tesla. It extends automatically as you near the car and retracts upon door closure, embodying a seamless interaction. Crafted with premium materials and precision-engineered, this Automatic Door Handle epitomizes durability, reliability, and a dash of luxury for your journey.

Compatibility: Suited for Model 3 and Model Y, and adaptable with both Tesla Intel and new AMD chips.

With meticulous design mirroring the original vehicle mold opening, this handle snugly fits as if it's the original, leaving no gaps.

Supports OTA automatic upgrade functionality, facilitating easy upgrades for subsequent iterations without handle removal.

The welcoming light synchronizes with the turn signal, showcasing a double flashing warning light on all four doors simultaneously, a feature aimed at enhancing road safety.

We've integrated an independent Bluetooth functionality, eliminating reliance on the vehicle's original Bluetooth system. No matter the distance or duration your Bluetooth-enabled device is away, approaching your Tesla will prompt the door handles to pop up automatically, even from a dormant state.

Upon handle presentation, an internal button allows color toggling among a palette of vibrant options including dazzle, streamer, red, green, blue, white, ice blue, orange, and purple, adding a personalized touch to your Tesla experience.


  1. Wireless Automatic Activation: The door handles extend automatically without any wired connections.
  2. Remote Key Control: Utilize a remote control key to manage the extension and retraction of the door handles.
  3. Gear-Based Control: Handle extension (P) and retraction (D) are controllable via the gear.
  4. On-Screen Control: Utilize on-screen buttons to manage door handle extension (Unlock button) and retraction (Lock button).
  5. App Control: The application enables control over door handle extension (Unlock button) and retraction (Lock button).
  6. Touch Activation: A simple touch extends or retracts the door handles for easy access.
  7. Colorful Illumination: Customize the handle's color by pressing the internal button upon extension, with a variety of vibrant color options available.


  1. Plug & Play Installation:
    • Enjoy a non-invasive installation process with our V3 electric door handle, optimized for simplicity and reduced installation time.
  2. Welcome Light:
    • The integrated LED Welcome Light brightens upon handle activation, adding a touch of elegance every time you access your Tesla.
  3. OEM Integration:
    • Seamless operation via the Tesla Smartphone App, Center Screen, Key FOB, or within the vehicle's Bluetooth range, ensuring visibility in dark parking areas.
  4. OEM Appearance:
    • Precisely mimics the size and shape of the original vehicle door handle openings, ensuring a flawless fit with no discernible gaps.
  5. Colorful Integrated Handle Light:
    • Choose from Standard White or Blue, or personalize with Multi LED Colors (dazzle color, streamer, red, green, blue, white, ice blue, orange, and purple) to match your style.
  6. Comprehensive Installation Kit:
    • The kit includes (4) Replacement Door handles with integrated LEDs, a Control Unit, and a Wiring Harness—everything needed for a straightforward installation.


  • Compatibility: Model 3 (2017-2023) & Model Y (2020-2023)
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Working Voltage: DC 12V (10-16V)
  • Standby Current: <0.2A
  • Noise Level: Below 30dB(A)
  • Working Temperature Range: -30 to 50 degrees Celsius
  • Operational Lifespan: 80,000 activations
  • Material Type: ABS


Experience a smooth Plug & Play installation process. While the electric door handle is meticulously optimized for ease of installation, professional skills are recommended for a seamless setup. Should you need guidance, feel free to contact us for an installation tutorial.

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Electric Dazzling Auto Present Door Handles Set with LED (4 PCS) for Model 3 / Y
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